Beko WR862441 User Manual Washing Machine

Beko WR862441 User Manual Washing Machine

Beko WR862441 Overview

Beko WR862441 User Manual – With its low price, the Beko WR862441G looks great in a graphite color accompanied by blue-white lights on the digital display. With a good selection of 15 programs, A + + + + Power rating and a 1600 rpm spin speed, it offers little to the most expensive competitors.

The Beko obtained excellent cleaning results in our tests, although we could not introduce a total of 8 kg in the drum. It easily Archives the energy To + + + in Cottons ‘ Eco wash, while other smaller programs and loads are much less economical. However, the attractive price, solid wash results and a good selection of programs win the day.

This economical Beko washer, protruding from the completely white crowd, comes in a metallic graphite color with a matching grey fascia. The bright numbers on the glossy black screen give you a quality air. However, that feeling does not translate too well into the control of the central controller, which felt rather cheap and rough to turn; Unfortunately, it’s not the best we’ve used.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – The Digital display shows the time remaining in the cycle or the progress of the time delay option. Below the display are a number of option buttons that cover the temperature selection, spin speed, pre-wash, wash, and extra rinse. It felt as if they had been mounted with Blu Tack, giving more of a crush than a click when pressed. The display itself has crisp LED indicators for temperature, spin speed and options, making everything clear and concise.

The elegant touches of shiny black plastic and the chrome of the mirror around the door contribute to give this machine a feeling of maximum quality, although chromium is a magnet for fingerprints. The Glass of the door has a sharp shape, curved inward, which helps to gently rotate the load during washing.

The huge door opens to reveal a smaller but good sized porthole opening. The Drum has an intriguing pattern and shape palettes, which Beko describes as AquaWave. These are designed to gently agitate your wash and improve the mixing effect of water/detergent.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – Putting aside the luxury stuff, the drum didn’t seem too spacious and of course it didn’t suit our full-test load of real-world cotton clothes. We Use 80% of the weight claimed in cottons as a full load, 6.4 kg in this case, but the WR8662441G could only cope with approximately 5.6 kg. Of course, different types of material will affect the volume of your washing, but do not forget the fact that this Beko would not eliminate the regular full test load for a machine of 8 kg.

Other physical features are the standard rate, including a soap drawer that is easily extracted to fill, and a pump cleaning drain on the bottom of the machine. This has a very uncomfortable plastic flap, guaranteed to break a nail when opening. There is Also no obvious guide or channel for pump water to drain into a tray, so have a towel handy when cleaning the pump.

The maximum spin of 1600 rpm and a massive energy rating of A + + + are well above what is normally expected at this price. In Addition, it is stated that the energy rating is 30% more energy efficient than the models with A + + + standard rating.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – The List of 15 programs has a good variety of cycles and includes a convenient quick wash for small loads. This Short but sweet program will wash 2 kg of clothes in just 14 minutes, so it is perfect if you are in a hurry.

Despite its budget claims, Beko’s high-tech inverter engine gave this machine a relatively peaceful character and remained silent through all the wash parts of the cycle. The Energy label indicates 50dB for washing noise; For most cycles we measure much closer to 45-46dB. That’s pretty quiet and not much taller than your average busy library.

However, the Beko made its presence heard when it reached its full spin speed, surpassing our sound pressure meter to 76dB to 1600rpm. In line with what is indicated on the energy label, according to modern standards, this is not “super silent “. 75-76dB would be about the same level of noise as the crowded high street with traffic.

At its attractive price, the Beko impressed us with 15 programs. There Are Two super fast programs for lightly soiled clothes; Super Short and fast daily. Daily Quick will clean a full wash load in approximately 28 minutes; Super Short Cleans 2 kg of your wash in approximately 14 minutes.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – For typical cotton wash loads, there is a program of standard Cottons and the super-efficient Eco Cottons. Due to the nature of Eco programs in general (saving energy and use of water when using a lot of “soaking” time), this program will last 3 hours and 49 minutes with a default wash of 60 º C. Lower to 40 º C using the temperature sector and the time arrives to a very respectable time (for an Echo Cottons wash) 2 hours 43 minutes.

Other main washes include Woollens, synthetics and a mixed tissue wash, which allows you to wash cotton and synthetic clothes together. Dark Care Wash uses little mechanical action and low temperature to reduce discoloration. There is Even a dedicated wash for the shirts, and Beko presumes that they can be washed up to 40 at the same time… Which is roughly twice the collection of Richard’s shirts.

A personal favorite was the Hand Wash program 20 for use with clothing that says “No machine washable ” or “Hand Wash only “. This program washes clothes with a very gentle action that aims to reduce or avoid any potential damage to your delicate clothing.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – For people with allergies or sensitive skins, Beko offers a dedicated anti-allergy wash and a Hygiene 20 program. The anti-allergy cycle is a long and intensive wash at 60 º C, tested and approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Hygiene 20 is designed for garments that do not handle washes at higher temperatures, but must be thoroughly cleaned. It Is An intensive cycle that uses water at 20 º C lukewarm. The coldest water temperature means that this program also consumes a lot less energy.

Easy-to-select options include a pre-wash for very dirty clothes and a quicker wash button for cotton and synthetic programs. This shortens the cycle time for lightly soiled loads. The Extra rinse uses a little more water, but ensures that the detergent residue is completely removed from the wash, and the delayed start does just that, in 1-hour intervals selectable up to a maximum of 19 hours.

With the size of the washing machines is important, and the Beko stumbled on the first obstacle. Although the WR862441G claims to have a maximum capacity of 8 kg, the size of the drum was very tight for our cotton test load. Beko’s capacity proved to be slightly ambitious while fighting to obtain our 80% reclaimed capacity, a load of 6.4 kg, of items mixed in the machine. We Had to take out about 800 g to fit comfortably, which makes our test load close to 5.6 kg. That’s the kind of capacity we’d expect from a 7-pound machine.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – However, the Beko returned fighting with excellent wash results and an excellent stain removal in our tests. Our test strip included blood, ketchup, turmeric, coffee, cranberry and motor oil. This was left to dry for more than 24 hours and placed in the Beko with a full load. We Use the standard Cottons program at 40 º C with a centrifuge speed of 1600 rpm and a non-bio-brand detergent leader.

This Cycle did an excellent job of cleaning the strip and completely eliminated the blood, coffee, cranberry and ketchup. Turmeric and engine oil were still visible, but had been significantly reduced. We have not Yet found a washing machine powerful enough to completely remove these stains without the help of biological detergent, so this is a very good result for an economical washer

Beko WR862441 User Manual – Even more of a surprise, given the drum quite narrow, the efficiency of spinning was very good. Our full test load had only 1.6 kg of water in the load at the end of the cycle, or about a 29% extra weight. Any result below 30% is a very good effect. These findings are aligned with the label, giving Beko a qualification for spin efficiency.

The disadvantage of this standard Cottons cycle is that the use of energy and water was significant, especially considering the reduced size of the load. The use of 1.4 kWh of electricity and 85 liters of water for a load of only 5.6 kg is definitely high for modern standards. If You reduce the load by half, Beko detects this and uses fewer resources. But not half.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – We Measured around 1kWh of electricity and 61 liters of water for an average load of standard cotton, and the efficiency of centrifugation also decreased, although to a 33% still respectable. It Is clearly much more efficient to make sure you are washing full loads.

So, with these fairly high resource figures, how does this Beko achieve a + + + minus 30% rating, we hear that question? That would be when using the program Cottons Eco.

If you stick to Cottons Eco program, this machine will keep your electricity and water consumption in the budget. If you need to use more robust and better cleaning washes, those numbers will increase significantly and the average loads are even worse for consumption per kilogram of cargo.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – A standard full load wash from Cottons to 1.4 kWh will cost you around 21p of electricity and its 85 liters of water barely reach the 30p. That’s a total of about 50p per wash, assuming the Uk’s average energy cost is 15p/kWh and £3.50 per cubic metre of water supply and waste.

The program Cottons Eco had a total of little more than 25p for the same load. For a family occupied over the course of a year, this will be a significant saving.

If we apply our 240 loads per year of normal, lightly soiled daily clothes, we divide 200 full loads and 40 half loads, the use of the standard Cottons program would cost you around £110 per year. Oh. Absolutely Optaríamos by the program Beko’s Cottons Eco at all times. That would cost you a grand total of £60 a year, quite frugal.

While that doesn’t get too close to the more efficient machines we’ve tried, some of which cost less than £40 a year in its greener cycle, it’s not a bad result given the low cost of Beko in the first place. Many of these top-notch machines cost multiples of Beko’s sales price, making the WR862441G a real bargain for everyone.

Beko WR862441 User Manual – The WR862441G has a unique look, it is easy to use, it washes well and is very efficient, as long as it adheres to the program Cottons Eco. The other cycles are a little thirsty for electricity and water, but increase washing performance that could make some much higher price machines on our list of best washers be ruboricen.

The quality of construction of the controls and plastic parts is a bit unpredictable, especially the selector knob and the recalcitrant pump cap, and that chromed edge of the door polarizes the view. Also, we couldn’t get a full load on the narrow drum, which makes this machine look more like a 7 kg model actually.

However, if you take into account that fabulously affordable selling price, Beko’s excellent wash and spin performance along with your frugal operating costs in the Cottons Eco program make it an excellent budget purchase.

The solid wash results and the high efficiency in the ECO program compensate for the construction quality of a rough diamond and a narrow drum for the Beko WR862441 to be a little more economical.

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