Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual / User Guide PDF

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual / User Guide PDF

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Overview

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual – With more DNA and Vorwerk design in this new model, the VR300 feels different. However, under the hood, it is Neato completely, although the lack of support from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and the high price are a bit disappointing.

The robot has the D-shaped family design of Neato products, which according to the company allows the robot to reach the corners of the room more effectively. As with Neato products, the VR300 is wide but short (340 x 340 x 90 mm). The advantage in this connection is that the VR300 can fit under the furniture, like the sofas; But fitting between the legs of the dining chairs and other small gaps might not be so easy.

A combined brush-a brush and a rubber fin-on its bottom rotates at 1800 rpm to agitate the dirt, which is then sucked into the container. There is also a side broom designed for edge cleaning, sweeping dirt on the path of the main suction motor.

Simple controls adorn the upper part of the cleaner. There is a start/stop button, an option to put the Cleaner in Eco mode or use the stain cleaning option, which addresses an area of 4 x 4 m The latter is useful if you want to take the cleaner to a place and make it clean a specific spill.

A pop-up handle on the back makes the robot easy to transport, and is easier to detect. In the Neato, it is easy to accidentally open the bin by mistake.

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual – Open the VR300 container compartment and you will see a small cutout, which is the exact size of the mouthpiece in the Kobold VK200 Vorwerk. Simply place the nozzle on this and you will be able to suck dirt from the wastebasket without fouling. Don’t you have a full-size Vorwerk vacuum cleaner? Do not worry, you can remove the container, move the filter and touch it in a normal way.

Vorwerk does not cite replacement times for the VR300. Following the recommendations of Neato, it is probable that the filter (£15) should be replaced approximately every six months, the main broom (£20) once a year and the side broom (£5) every six months. Vigílelos and replace when worn.

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual – While the controls on the top of the cleaner provide basic control of the robot, it is through the application that you can access larger and better functions. Vorwerk has its own application, which is designed specifically for its range of vacuum cleaners, although it shares many features with the Neato range.

First, you have to start a clean mapping, where the robot goes out and learns its environment. Once the floor map has been created, the VR300 can better plan where it is headed, as well as being able to draw prohibited areas on the map. This prevents the VR300 from venturing into areas that you do not want to be cleaned. Precision is not bad, but not to the point of protecting a precious rug from any part of the vacuum that touches it.

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual – From the application, you can put the robot in Eco mode, which cuts the suction power but improves the life of the battery; Standard mode runs at full power. You can add a program for the robot if you want to start a regular cleaning.

You can also change the cleaning mode by choosing a clean place to pick up a specific spill to which the VR300 has moved. There is also a manual clean mode with remote control, although making the VR300 go where you want is faster than it is worth. To be honest, you could also pull out a wireless vacuum.

Vorwerk Kobold VR300 Manual – Although Neato’s vacuum cleaners have the support of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Vorwerk still has to develop the necessary skills in the UK. Alexa support is available in the U.S., and the ability must be migrated here. For now, however, it is a pity that the VR300 is not better connected since the launch, since the Neato products already have these characteristics.

Neato products also have IFTTT, so you can, for example, pause a cleanup when you receive an incoming phone call. Once again, Vorwerk has not transferred this option to its own brand cleaner.

To test the performance of the VR300, spread a mixture of powder and flour to refresh carpets in a pattern of x on a hard floor: an X in the center and an x on the edge.

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